Facebook Business Manager: what do we know about it?

Facebook Business Manager is an important tool to develop and structure your business on the Facebook platform. What is this tool made of, and how do you create an account?

Facebook Business Manager: what is it?

It is a space on the platform that represents a set in which the management of its business is effective. Thus, one can manage professional resources, and also business tools by also allowing employees to have access to resources. This space also allows to manage the commercial and advertising activities of the company. This tool allows you to separate the different sectors, thus avoiding the bad manipulation that could compromise a sector. In addition, Facebook Business Manager grants benefits such as access to specific people from the company's Facebook page or from the ads sector or the supplier sector.

How to set up the Facebook Business Manager account?

Go to business.facebook.com and click on "create an account". Put in your name and company name and business email address is the information to enter then click next and enter the various information. The next important step is to add one or more Facebook pages and also the Facebook advertising accounts, when the accounts are the same, do not hesitate to put them. The next step is to put the names of your employees and also add your Instagram account for centralisation of activities. To be sure you can keep your business, you need to secure the data. That is what this step is all about. Also, to make a Facebook Business Manager secure, one needs to click on the dashboard, business setting, security centre and then click on required for all. Next, you need to create your first ad, to do this, you need to click on Business Manager on the left and then on the promote tab and then continue on the ad manager to create the ad.